Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F English First Unboxing

Well this is my first new post to my re-opened blog. I’ll be posting random stuff that no one really cares about except the few random people on the internet XD

First off though, I’m unboxing the new Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for the PS3 that was released in the United States this day, 27th of August 2013.

First picture here is the front picture of the covers. From the outside they look like normal games that are similar to each other as it is just a port over right?

The US one on the left; JPN one on the right.


Click More to see the rest!
Here are both games opened up.

From here it is starting to be apparent SEGA spent no extra expenses on making this game.

US top; JPN bottom


Opened up with booklets and extras removed to the side. Wait what? JPN has all this extra cool stuff? Granted it is advertisement, but I like to see that as it keeps me interested in what is coming up. And EH?! The background of the cover is actually printed!? That is a nice touch on the JP part.

US top; JPN bottom


Next obvious thing when comparing the two are the booklet sizes. JPN is quite larger than the US booklet.

US back; JPN front


Side comparison of the thicknesses. It’s apparent what one came from Japan.


And the total page count? A whopping 5 for the US and 37 for JPN! I think for an extra $10 I would have liked to have that booklet translated as well. Seeing as how this game is only $50 to start with.

(Sorry about that pic. Camera focused on the middle lol. I’ll get a new one later)

Now for the inside cover art. JPN sure do like their games.
(Please note: these are both 1st edition copies of each game.)

US top; JPN bottom


A disk picture. Not much difference between the two.

US left; JPN right


And for the obverse side of the cases. Typical PS3 placement of product information for the US, and covering up a lot of the background art.

US left; JPN right


So in conclusion, SEGA basically took this game translated it and didn’t care about any extras. Cutting funds by not translating the booklet, and hoping the fans “learn” their way to play the game just by turning it on is a bad decision in my opinion. Guess what I’m saying is that the booklet is so “compressed” they just covered the basics on how to get started and use the main functions without too much in depth detail. (I will probably post pics of each booklet in another post) I also remember those days where I’d spend hours reading every detail in the booklets just for extra information. Apparently that isn’t the case anymore.

Well this is a quick rant about the game so far. Otherwise the game plays exactly like the JPN one and you get another set of Trophies!

2 Responses to “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F English First Unboxing”

  1. Wow, you are the first “unboxing” I see on the web for the US ver., thanks for that~
    Also, I’m also not happy about SEGA taking out much of the normal stuff is in a normal game… and being for PS3 a really like the inside “art-cover”.

    Welp, enjoy also the Diva Room hahaha

  2. Nice, your site is back up! Looking forward to more random otaku ramblings lol.

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